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Upper/Lower Split

What do you think about this routine?

Day 1 - Lower Push
Day 2 - Upper Vertical
Day 3 - GPP: Burpee Conditioning
Day 4 - Lower Pull
Day 5 - Upper Horizontal
Day 6- GPP: Burpee Conditioning
Day 7 - rest, rest, rest

The duration of each set/rep parameter being used is 3 weeks. Ex. : BB squats weeks 1-3 10x3, weeks 4-6 3x10 etc
Day 1
BB Squats 10x3/3x10/3x3/2x15
Front Squats 10x3/3x10/4x6/2x15
Single Leg SB Calf Raises 10x3/3x10/4x6/2x15
BB BTN Decline Situps 10x3/3x10/4x6/2x15

Day 2
Dips 3x10/10x3/2x15/3x3
Chins 3x10/10x3/2x15/3x3
Muscle Clean and Press 3x10/10x3/2x15/4x6
BB Curls 3x10/10x3/2x15/4x6

Day 4
Deadlift 3x10/10x3/2x15/3x3
SLDL 3x10/10x3/2x15/4x6
Hanging Leg Raises 3x10/10x3/2x15/4x6

Day 5
Bench Press 10x3/3x10/3x3/2x15
Bentover Rows 10x3/3x10/3x3/2x15
DB French Press 10x3/3x10/4x6/2x15
BB Shrugs 10x3/3x10/4x6/2x15

try it and see if it works for you

TBH, i like it

I did something similar and loved it.

the only thing i would say is watch for overtraining and eat like hell to suit.

you may find that your legs and lower back start to get overtrained.