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Upper/Lower Split


Been lifting for ten years, spent several of them not knowing what I was doing, just posted for some input on my upper/lower split. Herniated discs and a labral tear with bursitis in my shoulder from the Marines stopped my progression - followed 5/3/1 for a couple years and finished with a 275lb bench, 405 DL and 365 Squat at 6’3 220 before I was advised by an orthopedist and my physical therapist to hold off the big 3 for a while…BB presses ruin my shoulder, heavy deads and squats wreck my lower back (and knees are not great anymore either).
Drew up an upper/lower split for myself, I’m dropping weights by a good deal and starting to ramp back up, I just want to continue to make size gains even if my max lifts won’t progress like they used to. Just hoping I could get some advice on the volume and setup of my workout - too little, too much, any useless exercises?
Workout A:
Incline DB Bench Press 4x8-12
BB Rows 4x8-12
DB Shoulder Press 4x8-12
Pull downs 4x8-12
Cable Flyes 3x8-12
Skulls 3x8-12
Lateral Raise 3x8-12
Bicep Curl 3x8-12

Workout B:
Smith Squats 4x8-12
RDL 4x8-12
Standing Calf Raise 4x8-12
Leg Ext 4x8-12
Leg Curl 4x8-12
Bulgarian Split Squats 4x10 (2 each leg)
Seated Calf Raise 4x8-12

1-2 min rest in between sets/exercises

Monday: A
Tues: B
Wed: Light Cardio/Abs
Thurs: A
Fri: B
Sat: Light Cardio/Abs
Sun: Off

I’m still 6’3 220, consuming about 190-200g of protein, on a clean diet.


Hey @flappinit, first off, I had a herniated disc last year in my neck that I’m still dealing with so I know where you’re coming from. Overall I think you have a solid program. I like that you have horizontal push/pull and vertical push/pull exercises, that’s a good way to form a program. I also like that you are doing full body each day, I am a big fan of that.

If I were doing this program, I would probably super set some of the accessory lifts to save some time and to keep my heart rate up. You’ll have to listen to your body to see if 4x per week is too much. You have a lot of volume in the program so you may have to adjust as you go. I think you will make some size gains on the program though. Good luck man!