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Upper-Lower Split


I need some help with my new training routine. I'm used to train full-body programs with compound movements and single-joint exercises. I just wanted to try something new. Had some bad injuries en lost for that reason 20 pounds of muscle in the last 1 1/2 year.
My new training routine looks like this:

Lower body

Monday: squats 3*7
Bulgarian squats 3*6-8
Power cleans 7*3
Romanian dead-lift 4*6-8
Turkish get-ups 3*8

Thursday: Front squats 7*3
Bulgarian squats 3*6-8
Romanian dead-lift 7*3
Sprints 4*15 mtr
Turkish get-ups 3*8

Upper body

Tuesday: Dead-lifts 7*3
Pull-ups 3*6-8
Bench press 7*3
Incline dumbbell presses 3*6-8
Dumbbell curls 3*6-8
Triceps extensions 3*6-8

Friday: Bent-over-barbell row 7*3
Chin-ups 3*6-8
Dumbbell presses 7*3
Weighted dips 3*6-8
Military presses 3*6-8
Hanging leg raises 3*12