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Upper/Lower Split Ramping?


Christian, in the upper/lower portion of the easy-hardgainer routines you prescribe 2-3 x 7-8 with a 5rm weight. My question is, are we really supposed to rest pause with a heavy 5rm for 2-3 sets? Or do we ramp up and only perform the heavy rest pause for the last set? I’ve tried doing that for 3 sets and it destroyed me, and that was using below a 5rm…


Dude I wrote that something like 12 years ago I honestly don’t remember the details of the plan


Yeah, I hear ya it’s from 04’, I just didn’t find it until way after.

I figure one or two ramping sets followed by a max set of 5, plus 2-3 rest pause reps is already fairly brutally intense, up there with DC training…

But in general, you wouldn’t recommend easy-hardgainers or anyone in general to perform more than one, (essentially beyond failure) rest-pause set per exercise right?


Can you sent the link please?


Lol at CT saying “Dude” :grimacing: