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Upper/Lower Split or Body Part Split

I workout 5 days a week each for different body part, though after reading JB’s book he recemmonds an upper and lower day split which is 4 days of working out. Is there any large benefit to either and is there any downfall to either?


Every split has disadvantages to it. (And to the TBT fans, absolutely NOTHING about TBT follows from that statement. I have to add that due to experience that my statement will be misinterpreted by them.)

The split you describe has the disadvantage of lesser frequency. Higher frequency of training for a bodypart, at least within reason, is in itself a good thing.

The split Berardi descibes has the disadvantage of not allowing bodyparts to be hit as hard each workout as what your method allows.

Both methods can work very well. They have different disadvantages but both work well. There is no such thing as a training method that has no disadvantages compared to all other training methods. It’s just inherent to things.