Upper/Lower Split- My Idea

well i designed upper/lower split training for myself, my goal is to gain weight, weight-98kg height-1,93m

upper body - strength oriented
1.incline bench- work up to heavy 5 RM, take 10% off and do sets of fiveabout:startpage until fatique sets in
2a) weighted chins 3x5(workin up to 5x5 then adding weight)
2b) weighted dips 3x5 (the same)
3. barbell curls 3x8 (heavy)

lower body - strength oriented
power clean workin up to 3 hard reps, take 10% off triples until fatique sets in/hard to get brbell up
squat alternated with deadlift (low bar) working up to 5 heavy reps
lying leg curls 3x8

upper body 2 - repetition
1.incline dumbbell press 4x12
2.dumbbell row 2 warm up sets 1 set to failure (shooting at 30 reps , currently 22 with 50kg)
3a)side rises 4x12
3b)bent over rises 4x12
4a)zottman curl 4x12
4b)rope push downs 4x12

lower body 2 - rep,
high bar squat narrow stance 3x10
romanian deadlift 3x10
swiss ball curls 3x max reps

thoughts? opinions ?

strength stats:

deadlift: 210kg x 1rm
squat: 165 kg x 3 rm
bench: 105 kg x1rm
pullups : 30 reps withouth additional weight, 4 reps with 40kg

Eat and sleep, and you’ll get to where you want.

[quote]jskrabac wrote:
Eat and sleep, and you’ll get to where you want. [/quote]


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