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Upper/Lower Split, How Does It Look?


Goal: Hyp/strength
Upper: Mon/Thurs
Lower: Tues/Fri

Upper A:

Flat Bench - 3x6-8
Bent row - 3x6-8
DB Seated Shoulder press - 3x8-10
Chin ups - 3xmax
Skull crushers - 2x10-12
Straight bb curl - 2x10-12

Lower A:

Squat 3x6-8
SLDL - 3x6-8
Leg Press - 3x10-12
Leg Curls - 3x8-10
Standing calves - 4x6-8

Upper B:

DB Flat bench - 3x6-8
Bent Row - 3x6-8
Push press - 3x6-8
Lat pull downs - 3x8-10
CG Bench - 2x8-10
straight bb curl - 2x10-12

Lower B:

Deadlifts - 3x6-8
Leg curls - 3x8-10
Leg press - 3x10-12
Walking lunges - 2x8-10
seated calves - 4x6-8


Any suggestions?


Will you eat for your goal ?


looks like you got it out of Men's Health or something.




Yes. Obviously.


Not from men's health.

Great input.


How long you've been training?


1 Year consistently.


Why don't you read some articles and come up with a better plan?
Why do you think that someone who's not you or training with you can give your sorry ass a perfect plan?

How about you actually start with your little plan you made and adjust accordingly?

How's that?


What are you talking about lol?..

I created this 'plan', just looking for some input.


Well, if you are just starting out I think it's ok since your work capacity per muscle group prolly isn't much. After building a decent base I would switch over to a push day, pull day, leg day type of split or a traditional bbing split like chest and maybe tri's one day, back and bi's one day and so on.

After a while you're gonna need more work per muscle group (per session) to make the gains you desire. Of course this is not an absolute truth, but I think most would agree.


Well over the past year i've been training using Max-OT, my lifts have increased quite a bit so far.

im 5 ft 10

Bench - 245 lbs
Squat - 300 lbs
deadlift - 320 lbs
Overhead press - 200 lbs

These all started fairly low.

As im sure you know Max-OT is a bbing split and pretty high in work capacity per muscle group.


The mods should move this to the beginners section. You have deadlifts on a leg day, most people use it for a back exercise. and X2 on more work per muscle group


I wouldn't use CGBP as a third pressing movement on your upper B day. If you want to do those perhaps do it in the beginning of your workout. Unless you're talking smith machine CGBP.

Your leg days seem a little overkill to me considering you have 2 leg days a week. I would go with:
Lower A:

-SLDL or leg curls or whatever for your hams
-Standing calves
-Cable Lateral Delt raises (I know, not a lower body exercise but for complete development you shouldn't neglect them and it wouldn't take much out of you nor would it interfere with upper days. Could even pair it with calves.

Lower B:

-Deadlifts (if you're doing this for hamstring development maybe try a little wider stance).
-Leg press or single leg squat or whatever for your quads
-seated calves
-again, throw in some side delt work and/or maybe some rear delt exercise


Thanks for the reply, this is great advice. I will add delt raises with Lower A, and rear delt work with Lower B and also Db tricep extensions instead of cgbp