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Upper / Lower Split​ for Size and Strength

Can you get good size and strength gains from an upper / lower body split. For example.

MONDAY, upper body 1- bench and row emphasis. Isolate shoulders traps biceps triceps

TUESDAY, lower body 1- squat emphasis. Isolate hamstrings quads abs

THURSDAY, upper body 2- overhead press and chin up emphasis. Isolate traps shoulders biceps triceps

FRIDAY, lower body 2- deadlift emphasis.


Of course, why wouldn’t you be able to do that? The split is only the way you arrange your training. It is likely the least important variable behind training hard, intensity, volume, exercise selection, training methods, training density and the likes


If you could only train 4 days a week, how do you think you would arrange the size and strength template that you have on your website?

Would it be something similar to this as in doing an upper and lower body split? Or what would it be?

Thank you

I mean yeah, but this isn’t really that specific. This would make you gains but so will anything else as a beginner. Don’t isolate your quads though, they get enough work.