Upper/lower Split for Hypertrophy and Power

Day One

Bench 5x5
Pull ups 5x5
Shoulder press 4x8
Seated rox 4x8
Skull crushers 3x8
EZ Bar curl 3x8

Day two

Front Squat work up to max set of 6
Romanian Deadlift 4x5 (slow eccentric, Lift as fast as possible)
Bulgarian split squat 3x10,8,8
Glute-Ham raise 3x12,10,8

Day three

Military Press 5x5
B/o Row 5x5
Incline Dumbbell Press 4x8
Chin up 4x8
Preacher Curl 3x5
French Press 3x5

Day Four

Back Squat 10x3
Rack Pull 4x6

So basically I want to gain strength and size. I added the RDL with an explosive concentric for power, kinda like a poor man’s Olympic lift. Would this be a sufficient program for my goals? I think Days 1 to 3 are solid but day 4 could use some work. Sorry if I sound stupid.

If anyone could recommend a program that would be helpful also. I’m not really confident in my program making skills. I’ve done well on CT and CW programs.

Try Less volume with more freq. and cycle 2-3 rep ranges. If u wanna put your own routine together…

Upper (1 horiz push 1 horiz pull + a few assitance lifts)
Lower (2 Quad Exercises, core work + calves)
Upper (1 Vertical push 1 vertical pull + a few assitance lifts)
Lower (2 Hamstring Exercises, core work + calves).

rest as needed

You’ll probably gain size and strength much better doing a more traditional 3 or 4 way bodybuilding split routine, but if you realy want to go this route then take a look at this list of good ones: