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Upper/Lower Split 4 Days a Week?

Hi coach,

Is there going to be an upper lower split program for the ones who could only workout 4 days a week?

I thought about that, too, mainly because I like breaking up my split into upper and lower. I would presume that we just take the press exercises and break them up into upper lower, the rep scheme is the same for both days, so with just a minor change, you can take this program and convert it into upper / lower.

It just that after watching his natural training videos, he strongly recommended upper lower splits due to more off days. I also prefer 4 days due balance work and family time.

The complete power look program is upper/lower 4x a week. I started training seriously with this, great program

Hi mate, it’s more of a split to be honest.

Yes, but that is for programs based on a different principle and with more volume.

Now, “the best training for natural series” and the originating articles are based on VERY low volume/very high frequency training. That’s the core principle. So changing it to an upper/lower split 4 days per week cannot be done in the same series.

I’m not gonna lie, the main reason why I used a push/quads and pull/hams split is because of experience: I know that few guys like doing “leg days”. Much less do leg days 3x per week! That’s why I hid the leg work among upper body work: to make it more palatable to most.

That having been said, there is a physiological advantage to whole body training: it leads to lower myostatin than upper/lower workouts. With the athlete I work with, we always use whole body training

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Hi man is really good ? because i training in my house, full body and isolation biceps./triceps
so i was thinking about something like that also.

genre squat, soulever de terre jbt tendu; fentes, good morning,
haut: dips, pompe lesté, traction, rowing

et day off bras/Ă©paule

merci pour ton avis :wink:

Thanks for the reply coach.
Maybe in future you can consider a upper lower split.
I really liked your knowledge and input into the upper lower split in the videos, it really made sense to me thanks.

If this series is doing well I might do a parallel one with a different approach


when you are using full body workout with your athlete is it a full body like ; Squat-row-military press-bench or its more like 1 lift and isolation ? thanks

A lift specific program would be nice too!

-Bench day
-Squat day
-Press day
-Deadlift day

I would buy that for sure.
I like this workout setup but always struggle with the details of it

Definitely, a upper lower version of that with exercise alternatives for home gyms too.

Yes saw a T Nation article (TC Luoma? ) about wholebody lowering myostatin and (I think) also increasing follistatin?

Folks down play the transient effects of workouts ( for naturals) - for example squats or deadlifts boosting test/HGH tremendously but only for 45 minutes…therefore irrelevant.

But suspect over long term this stuff actually does matter (for non PED / naturals), and the myostatin/follistatin attribute may be a big thumbs up for wholebody style workouts (or half-body ala push muscles day 1, pull next including legs)

Curious to hear Coach’s exploration of this

That would be fantastic! Be furious how the volume looks like for an upper/lower split.
However I have been doing one of your programs and I’m really enjoying training full body days!