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Upper/Lower Split 3 Days/wk Enough Frequency to Gain Mass?


For a relative novice (deadlift 280 lbs, squat 195, bench 170, press 125), is an upper/lower split done 3x/week enough volume to gain mass. Upper/lower would be repeated as follows
Week 1: upper, lower, upper
Week 2: lower, upper, lower


As low as it is an intelligent program, yes.


Yep, as long as its programmed right and the nutrition is abundant, it should be fine. Plenty of great programs can follow an upper/lower 3-day split. ABBH is one. 5/3/1 can be another.


Uh yes it is enough! That’s a popular split.

See Dorian Yates, Dante Trudel, and Paul Carter to see enormous men that used that sort of split or something resembling it for long stretches of time.

And like Chris said, many popular programs have that sort of breakdown, though they can be done for four days per week or taking rest days as needed (eg, can do A-B-off-A-B-off, etc) or can do an every other day scheme with the A-B workouts (eg, A-off-B-off-A… )