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Upper/Lower Routine Question

I’m going to be switching from a full body routine to upper/lower routine. I figure why not give it a try.

I’m not sure exactly how I want to organize my training, but I think it will be something like this:

Monday (Upper)
Incline DB Press
Rope pulls to neck

Tuesday (Lower)

Thursday (Upper)
Clean and Press
Weighted Dips
Weighted Chins

Friday (Lower)
Front Squats

I’ll do some arm work at the end of the upper days. My goals are to get bigger and stronger (basically everyones). Also, any feedback on a good set of rep ranges? Thanks for the help!

What type of rep/set scheme?

Maybe something like 10x3 for one day and other day 5x5, example:

10x3 bench/rows

5x5 clean and press

It’s a good looking plan to me for strength and size, if you can keep up with it I think you’ll see great results. Mixing up the sets/reps works well too.

I would say every 2/3 weeks to change up the exercises and which ones are being done 5x5 and 10x3 as well.

Eat lots

Looks great, eat big, sleep well and you’re on your way.

I wish you the best. Changing to upper/lower split was the best thing for me. Try 3x10 (explosive) and 5x5 rep/set scheme. 10x3 and 5x5 is too much.

Gotcha, thanks for all the great imput guys! I’ll put it to good use.