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Upper/Lower Program Check

Hello everyone,

Now that the gyms are closed, I had to interrupt my cut and temporarily follow a different schedule. I don’t have everything at my disposal, but fortunately enough.

Now I quickly put together an ub/lb schedule and hope you can give me some feedback. My plan is to follow this schedule for 2 months and then cut again.

Deadlifts I don’t have because I only have up to 100 kilo’s of weight.

On the first upper day i want to emphasize on upper chest.


Incline Benchpress 4x 6-8
Landmine press 4x 10-12
Dumbell pullover 2x 15-20
Reverse grip barbell row 4x 6-8
Cable row 3x 10-12
Lat pulldown 4x10-12
Military press 4x 6-8
Upright rows/shrugs SS 3x 10-12
Bent over cable raise 3x 10-12
Skull crushers 3x 10-12
Cable hammer curls 3x 10-12


Squat 4x 6-8
Good mornings 4x 10-12
Bulgarian split squat 4x 10-12
Standing calf raise 4x10-12

Bench press 4x 6-8
Dumbell fly 4x10-12
Dumbell pullover 2x 15-20
T bar row 4x 6-8
Single arm tbar row 3x10-12
Lat pulldown 4x10-12
Seated barbell shoulder press 4x6-8
Side raises/shrugs SS 3x10-12
Face pulls 3x10-12
Barbell row 3x10-12


Front squats 4x6-8
Romanian deadlifts 4x6-8
Lunges 4x10-12 each leg
Standing calf raise 4x6-8

What are your thoughts?


It will probably work.

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Thanks. Should i strart with the compound on 90% of my 1rm and build up and with isolation everything i’ve got?

Honestly, it’s really hard to lift weights wrong, especially for only 2 months. Any decision you make will be the right one.


Ok great! Do You suggest to do it longer? Lets say 3 months?

I don’t. I don’t tend to make suggestions on how people should train, as I’m not a coach and have never worked hands on with you before. It’ll have to be a personal decision.

I’ll say, if a program works and I like the results, I don’t tend to stop it just because a certain amount of time has passed.


Ok. You’re right. If it works, then there is no point of stopping.