Upper/Lower or Full Body Workouts?

Hi, i didnt train for a time (Travel) and i Lost some weght, i was 76 kilo and now 70 kilo, but is good, still i had some fat a bit in my stomach. But i dont want make the same mistake for gain some weight than before. So i will finish to lost this fat stomach and after that go to the gym more than 3 times.

Just i run 2 times a week, i want get a good base/adaptation cardio before doing high intensity one time and gym 4 time.

So i just dont know if is better a upper/lower or a full body program in my case, and if u can give me some program for upper/lower, for full body i find easy but iam lost with the upper/lower


So - just to clarify:
You want to lose a bit of belly fat.
You run 2x week
You proposal a week is:
2 runs, 1 HIIT, 4 gym sessions

This is a lot. Have you considered the fact that you might burn out?

As for Full body / Upper-Lower - I prefer upper lower.
Depending on your strength level I’s just use double progression on the key lifts. I’d focus on getting a body weight bench for reps, 75% of your body weight over head and 10 pull ups.
As for lower body - a 150% body weight squat .

So something like:
Press - 3 x 8-12 (doube progression)
Incline bench - 2 sets of 10-12
Tricep push downs 2/3 sets of 12-15
Pull ups - as many sets as needed to reach 25 reps. Reduce the number of sets over time
One arm rows - 2 sets of 10-12
Curls 2/3 sets 12-15 reps

Front squat - 8-12 reps
Back squat - same weight - 1 set of 20 (yes)
Lunges - 2/3 sets of 13-15

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Ahah it’s right ~ but I don’t want 4 session gym, one hit and 2 run, i will die if i do that.

I just was saying that my goal is to lose fat and try to keep or progress the muscular gain. That i Run actually 2 times by week with a good diet for lose a bit more.

That when i will be able to run a long time, i will stop for just doing 1* a week hit and 4 session of gym

Your program seems good, just for legs i will doings more something like that, because i will train them one time a week.

Squat 46-8
Stiff legged deadlift 4
Bulgaria split 48-12
Adductors machine 4

For the upper, the sets are enough u think ?

What mean "doube progression " thx for your help

And also, i don’t see any shoulder exercices, and i know that my shoulder are late

If you want to do back squat (rather than front squat) on lower body day - that is 100% cool. Although I will add - I did a variation on the above lower body work out and added 30kg to my front an back squat in 12 weeks. Front squats for 5-10 reps followed by high rep back squats is my go to. It is some simple and so effective. In fact I stopped doing it a year back and I’m just about to restart that exact work out.

As for you questions:

Depending on your current strength and size yes. I’m fairly strong(ish) and I do a similar amount in my own work outs. Oh add facepulls on the upper body days

It means this:

Press and incline press as both shoulder movements.

As an FYI this programme will not make you pro body builder. But it will help you get a touch bigger given enough time and food.

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Thank really and is perfect for my running periods, when u says " press 3*8-12 " is bench press right ? Or military.

Ok for facepull ! Long series

I just didn’t get your leg program sorry, after each series of back squat u doing some front squat or just in the end of 3 series of back squat before doing some lunges, u will doint one time 20 reps of front squat, that is your variation ? And with u progress and improve your gain ?

I’d do military. But in all honesty you can change this up. Spend 3 months doing one then change it to the other.

Leg work out:
Exercise 1
Front Squat - do 1 set of 8-12 reps using the 8-12-8 idea.
Exercise 2
Using the same weight as the front squat - do 20 back squat in a row. This could take a while and you can rest - just do not put the bar down.
Exercise 3
Lunges a few sets.

This will test you. It is a very hard workout. But it is worth it.

I don’t think you should be giving programming advice if this is your idea of a complete leg workout, especially for a beginner.

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Let me guess:
20 rep squats too much for a beginner?
Not enough leg press, leg extensions leg curl?

What I’ve written above is not easy. But it does work?
In 12 weeks over lock down moved my lift by the following:
Front sqaut 100kgx6 to 130kgx6
Back squat 150kg x5 to 175kg 5x5

I try your Yesterday and is was good really, just i will learn how to do face pull correctly but i had good sensation with this exercices to.
For the pull up first series 13-8-5, what happen when i can do only to sets and 25 reps, can i do more series of pull up after ? I really think is the good intensity with my running program, u will do it for 3 month ~ and after change for 4 training or keep the same just add one more leg session, will see

Military press is my first exercises, that work a bit the top of the chest right ? So maybe is better that i do a traditional bench press after military press right ? I push 70 kilo 3 times yesterday, i just try for check how is my power after a time.

Maybe i will just add one more serie for curl barre, i use a resistance band and is really great feeling.

Soon i had my last travel but when i go back i will keep your program, thx for your help, i will try the legs session, Saturday :ok_hand:



Awesome work!

Hi i would like to ask u. I will Train now 4x a week, it is enough if u work the legs one time (harder as i can and deep) and 3x times the top, with your program, what do u think about that @carlbm


Sorry boss - totally missed this tag. Legs once a week is fine. So long as you work hard enough.
What are the other 3 work outs? 1 leg day to 3 upper body days is a miss match.

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Yes 3 day upper and with variants when iam stuck and different focus, somethime shoulder first / back / chest

If i see that my legs are too late, i change and do 2 legs day / 2 upper.

I will just add stiff deadlift, and leg curl, because i will Train them just one time

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Okay makes sense. Then its not an upper lower spilt. Its a body part split. Not a big difference. Just a name thing.

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Both are great splits. Another option instead of the Upper/Lower would be a Push/Pull split. It’s great for people who find training Legs too taxing or who lose motivation doing Leg workouts. It allows you to split the Legs into two workouts. Quads and Calves on Push Days, Glutes and Hamstrings on Pull Days.