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Upper/Lower Body Training

Hi guys!I`m 20 y.o. training for 3-4 years.
My main target is to gain some more muscle in the Legs.After some reading I developed this program:

1 Quads dominant
2 Horizontal push and pull
4 Hips dominant
6 Vertical push and pull

Day 1
front squat

Day 2
barbel row
incline bench press
dummbbel row

Day 4
glut-ham rise OR leg curls

Day 6
military press
chin ups
dummbbel press for shoulders ?!

Some advices ?
I`m a bit confused about DAY 4,should I add something more or?
Any advices for exercises are welcome ! :slight_smile:

suup gyus?
no advices for me ? :frowning:

If your goal is to gain more muscle, you might need more volume. This looks like a pretty good template for strength however.

Thanks Dude!
YES my target is go gain more muscle.I was thinking that training legs twice a week might be efficient for that,but now I`m a bit confused :frowning: Should i make just one big training for legs(high volume) and not try with upper/lower body splits?OR should i add some more exercises to this lower-body training?Any advices? :slight_smile:

looks good man

there’s nothing wrong with destroying the legs :slight_smile:
go for twice a week if you wish

check out

i think you guys are on the same boat

Another question-if i leave the pushing and pulling that way and sum the 2 leg-workouts in a bigger one(higher volume) do u think it will be better for muscle growth than training legs twice a week but with lower volume?

I’d say possibly add some calf and direct bicep work in there. As well as maybe tricep work on your vertical upper body day. And maybe do a different exercise than leg press on your hip dominant day unless you are doing a high foot position leg press to target the glutes/ham better. Or at least a different rep range for each day. I gained a lot of strength traing this way as well.

Thinking of going back to a similar system myself to see if i can gain some nice strength again. Another option is to do direct arm work on your lower days and calf work on your upper days if you are too fatigued to perform them on the approriate days.