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Upper/Lower Body Splits


So I'm really going to mix things up now.

I want to do an Upper body and a Lower body split.

I'm figuring Monday and Thursday I'll do Lowerbody, and Tue/Fri do the Upperbody. Which leaves Wed/Sat/Sun as off days (Wed and Sat will be GPP or supplemental lifts).

I need some suggestions though.

Now, I'd like to incorporate DL's into it but seeing as they kinda blend into both days, I don't know where/how to do it.

And, what kind of set/rep ranges could be recommended, please?

Thank you.


Put deadlifts on one of your lower body days, preferably "hip dominant" or hamstring/glutes/lower back dominant day.

Most people that follow a similar split have one day for quads (squats, leg press, stepups/lunges, leg extensions) and another day for hams (deadlifts, stiff-legged, leg curls, lunges or step ups, etc.).

Do your back training closer to the quad day, and chest training closer to the hamstring day (so you're not hitting the back twice within two days).

Monday: Quads, calves, abs

Tuesday: Back, traps, biceps

Wednesday: Off or cardio

Thursday: Hams, calves, abs

Friday: Chest, shoulders, triceps


Nate is dead on here. Another variation is to hit each part twice varying the intensity on given days. Example:

Monday: (heavy)quads, hams, calves

Tuesday: (light)chest, back, shoulders

Thursday: (light)hams, quads, calves

Friday: (heavy) Back, chest, shoulders.

That is the split I'm currently on, and I really like it.


Actually, I had to go back and edit my original post because I accidentally put "back" day after hamstrings (i.e. deadlifts) when I originally said to keep them further apart.

I fixed the original thread to show the correct way so you're not deadlifting and then doing back the next day with other exercises.



Check out CW's "Big Boy Basics". I am trying that know, it seems to work well for me.

Big Boy Basics
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See Authors Articles.


Thanks guys.


Just curious:

What set/rep parameters are you using?


I used all sorts of different set/rep parameters when I was doing a split like that. Usually, I did something like 4x4-6 on the first exercise of each training day (squat, bench, row, chins, overhead press, deadlift) and then used different sets/reps for all the other exercises (3x8-10, 4x12, 3x15, etc.).

Remember, the body adjusts to "reps" quicker than anything else. So it's a good idea to use an undulating periodization scheme. I, personally, like using different set/rep schemes within the same workout. Like mentioned above, I'd choose a heavier weight and lower reps for the main exercises and then different sets/reps for all the "assistance" exercises.