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Upper/Lower Body Split


I'm looking at having an upper / lower body split take the place of my original workout plan (chest+tri, bicep+back, shoulders+legs). Does anyone have a good one for a natural trainer ? Thanks :slight_smile:


Maybe something as simple as this could work:

incline press.
row variation.
chin variation.

leg raises.

day3: off.

row variation.
chins variation.

calves raises.

Do 3x4-6reps on the first lifts on each day and do 3x8-12 on the other lifts( If you cant do 8-12reps in chins or dip, just try to hit a total of 20-30reps ). You can either do all setts on the same weight or you could ramp, thats up to you. Main thing is to improve on all lifts from each week by adding a rep, a sett or a small amount of weight from last time.

ps. If you feel you need it you can add in curls or lateral raises etc at the end of the workouts.

Hope that was helpfull.


Is the search function still broken?

100'sof routines written by competent people.


Really, a guy in your condition would do just fine following Starting Strength to the letter for three or four months.

I'm still waiting to better understand what you do for a living as a dock hand. Is that a bunch of manual labor moving and lifting crap all day?


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And I put on 25 pounds in 3-4 months with an SL5x5/SS type of program. So it's good for beginners. It's also great for getting down the technique of the big lifts because you start really light.


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