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Upper/Lower Body Split Opinions?

I’ve recently switched my training split. I used to do back/chest, bi/tri, shoulders/traps, legs and then forearms and calves on rest day.

Decided to give upper body and lower body split a try. I will be doing this type of split for 10-12 weeks. This is my first week of doing so. I’d also love to fit in some sprinting (Maybe on my abs and forearm day). I’d like to get some honest opinions / feedback on this current split. Thanks in advance

Day 1:
Deadlifts (5/3/1)
Chest press 4x10
Pull ups (5x 8-10)
Chest flies (4x8)
Lateral raises (4x10)
Arnold press (4x8)
Face pulls (4x10)
Rear delt flies (4x10)
Zottman curls (4x8)
Skull crushers (4x10)
Incline curls w/ KB’s (4x10)
Overhead tricep extensions (4x10)

Day 2:
One leg calve raises (4x12)
Back squats (5/3/1)
Hamstring curls (4x10)
Goblet squats (4x10)
Romanian deadlifts w/ DB (4x10)
Walking lunges (4x10)
Thrusters (4x10)

Day 3: OFF

Day 4:
Bench press (5/3/1)
One arm row (4x10)
Wide grip high pulls (4x10)
Barbell rows (4x8)
Floor press w/ dbs (4x10)
Shoulder press (4x8)
Head supported rear delt raise (4x10)
Hammer Curls w/ KB (4x10)
Tricep push downs (4x10)
Ez bar curls (4x8)
Bench dips w/ plates (4x10)

Day 5:
Calf raises (4x10)
Front squats (4x8)
KB one legged deadlift (4x10)
Reverse lunges (4x10)
DB sumo deadlift (4x10)
Narrow stance squat w/ DB (4x10)

Day 6: Off

Day 7:
Forearms and abs
(Might try to incorporate sprinting on this day)

Is there a reason you’re pulling on an upper day and then doing squats the next day??

A lot of this seems like overkill. If you want to do 5/3/1 (assuming you’re doing it on only the main lifts here obviously) then go pick a template out of the book. There’s a lot of volume on exercises that seem randomly picked (DB Sumo deadlifts??? what even is this).

I’m not sure what you’re getting at or asking. As oppose to doing squats and deadlifts on the same day? or are you saying I should be separating those lifts with more time in between (EX: doing deads on monday and squats on thursday)

I’ve been doing 5/3/1 on my big lifts for a while (Bench, deadlift and back squats). I don’t see a problem with this? I’ve been progressively getting stronger.

In terms of volume, I usually try to aim for about 40 reps total on the majority of my exercises. I guess that’s why I posted this. I wasn’t sure if I was going overkill on total volume or not. DB sumo deadlifts aren’t randomly picked at all. Great hamstring builder that’s placed directly after a quad dominant exercise.

Thanks for the feedback. This is my first time doing and upper/lower body split so I appreciate any and all opinions.

Yeah getting at the timing thing. Doing Pulls on monday and then hitting squats on the day after seems like a recipe for disaster to me, personally. Would give yourself more time between them.

No problem with 5/3/1 on the main lifts at all, was just suggesting giving one of the templates a shot.

Here’s the thing with that though, how much can you progress on DB Sumo deadlifts?? A lot of the exercises seem “random” to me because they’re not big ticket exercises that you’d see 99% of the training community to me doing. There’s only so far you can go doing DB sumo deadlifts… if you pick RDL’s for example instead the potential is essentially limitless.

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense. I would say that the volume is slightly overkill, Day 1 and 4 especially will have you in the gym for hours if you’re training hard on all of the exercises.

Try this, volume is “just right” for most folks. …

Can sub in 5/3/1 on the heavy days I guess.
Do as written for few weeks, then if want more volume can crank up the reps and sets to something like 5x20 on rep day

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Writing about Monday alone would be a full page.

Just click on the link above and follow to a T for a few months.

3 curls? Really?

It’s a lot of shit man. What are your current goals that you’re hoping this program will help you achieve? Also, what are your current maxes on the main lifts as well as overhead press and bent rows.

Thanks. I will follow this program and see how it goes!