Upper/Lower 6x a Week, Thoughts?

Would doing a UL split 6 days a week be too much? Was thinking of doing 2 workouts for each muscle group, 3-4 sets probably 4. Too much volume / frequency?

Can work, but really need to know your body well and should have a steady sucess with bro-split training in the past.

loads of very effective programs here, if in doubt look up some Paul Carter articles

When would you do conditioning?

I ran a bro split for a while. How do you think I can Set up a routine such as this well enough to maximize size/strength gains and get enough recovery?

Just do one of these. Perfect world do 4 days as recommended but could do 2-3 on 1off if really want…

CaN do this 6 days?

Like I said 3 days on 1 off. 6 days in a row no way

Really wanna do a 6 day UL if possible, any good way to set up that routine?

Can’t help you there buddy. I’d just follow a proven routine -no need to reinvent the wheel etc etc

Could ask Christian Thibadeau in his section of the forum I guess

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There’s no point in doing 6 days on, 1 day off. I was training PPL with moderate volume 6 days/week while my nutrition was solid, and I saw virtually no results. I lost a little fat over the course of 8-12 months, but that’s kind of expected when you’re training 12-15 hours every week.

I did all that because I thought frequency>volume. I was trying to train in a more bodybuilder-type fashion, so all I could think about was getting my 100-200 reps for every body part every week. I do still believe that frequency is important, but more is not better. There is a point of diminishing returns. I’m running 5/3/1 now, and one of the rules of that program is to not train more than 2 days in a row. I’m going 2 on, 1 off, and I’ve never seen results like this out of myself before, and my nutrition hasn’t changed since last year. I believe that I would probably have seen better results from my “bodybuilding” if I had taken 2-3 rest days each week.

Want to get stronger? Rest your nervous system and let your muscles repair. Want to get bigger? Same thing. It’s not fun to take a rest day. We don’t lift weights because we want an excuse to take a few rest days every week. We all want to be in the gym 6-7 days/week, but the difference between people who are experienced (I am not) and see results and the people who aren’t and don’t usually comes down to their nutrition and rest days.

If you’re a workaholic, think of rest days as “growth days.” That’s really what they are, anyways. You grow outside of the gym while you’re sleeping and eating. Let your body catch its breath every couple days and I promise that you’ll see better results.

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Just curious, why is training 6 days on an upper/lower split the most important part of your plan, especially since you have no idea how to program it?

What’s your current size (height, weight, general fat level)? What’s your actual specific goal?

If the most important thing is to train the way you want, follow the 6-day option laid out here. It’s upper/lower/upper/upper/lower/upper/off.

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I was previously doing nsuns 531 which was really high volume but had 2 rest days. I understand that you can see amazing results with just 4 days working out (heck I ran PHUL for a good amount of time and it was amazing), but I feel the added benefit of hitting everything 3x a week would be optimal for a natty

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I want to induce muscle protein synthesis as many times as possible, I was previously doing heavy volume stuff but lacked a bit in frequency. Just not sure how to setup volume so it’s ideal with the amount of frequency. I’m about 150/5’9/maybe 13 percent body fat. Goal is mainly hypertrophy and secondary goal is strength

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Then why not a 7-day full body plan? I’m pretty sure you’re getting tripped up by majoring in the minors. Wanting to optimize protein synthesis sounds cool and can be effective but, at the end of the day, you need to train effectively and eat properly to achieve anything.

There are very few, if any, programs designed by experienced coaches that meet the rules you’ve stated. There’s a reason for that.

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What does a 7 day full body plan consist of? If I train effectively and push myself and eat properly, don’t you think the 6 day UL could work?

He was joking, dude.

He’s making the point that your statement “I want to induce muscle protein synthesis as many times as possible” is absurd; taken to its logical conclusion, that would require training your full body every day. No one does that because it’s ridiculous.

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This is a variation of what I’ve been doing since the 90s. I train this way for no other reason than it fits my scedule and I get results.

Day 1: Bench, Military Press (Choose a progression model, e.g, 531)
Day 2: Back
Day 3: Chest, Shoulders
Day 4: Deadlifts, Legs(Hamstring enphasis)
Day 5: Arms
Day 6: Squats, Legs(quad emphasis)

All exercises are pyramided/ramped up to a top set but in different increments depending on the exercise. I do not exceed 40 mins in the gym unless I’m training legs. Feel free to substitute the exercises listed.

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Obviously I meant with enough recovery time between each session. Which a UL split offers. Nice job completely twisting what I was saying

How do you do moderate volume and end up training 12-15 hours a week lol? I doubt the problem lies with the training frequency.

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I didn’t twist anything you said. I was trying to be helpful by explaining that Chris Colucci was making a joke (that went straight over your head). He didn’t actually mean that you should train on a “7-day full body plan” - he was illustrating that your way of thinking (wanting to induce muscle protein synthesis as often as possible) is flawed and, taken to its logical conclusion, is absurd.

@Reed said this on another thread the other day:

“I highly suggest you start looking for programs that have what you need rather than what you want.”