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Upper/Lower 3 Days Per Week?

Anybody ever do an upper/lower split 3 days/week? Is it worth doing if you only have 3 days or is it better to just stick to full body?

Are you meaning doing like this ?

Week1: upper/lower/upper
Week2: lower/upper/lower

You can always do a hybrid if you like hitting body parts 2x/week.

Monday: lower
Wednesday: upper
Friday: whole body

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You done this Dog?

I think it’s my favourite split.

I think this would work well if you incorporate some HIT principles to push up the intensity (I believe something similar to this is the philosophy behind Doggcrapp training).

I’ve been pretty much been running it for years on and off. I havent been using the traditional 7 day training week in a long time.

This is a perfectly viable way to train

You might even do a doggcrapp layout and move the biceps to the lower days just so the upper days don’t have like 10 parts to hit.

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yeah I’d have 2 different days for each and instead of doing all 4 in a week just do 3 a week and continue where I left off the next week

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If you have recovery issues … i find it works great.

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