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Upper Limit on Forskolin?

Is there anything wrong with high doses of forskolin? I just capped some with some EGCG and did the math wrong and went heavy on the forskolin. Is there any harm in taking say 100mg to 200mg? Ive done 60 with zero side effects. I dunno?

Probably depends on the person. I have no idea what percentage of people will do okay wih doses such as you say.

Some are much more tolerant to forskolin than others.

For sure some would find the dose you accidentally produced to be too much.

As you probably know, the “standard” supplement dose is 10 mg of forskolin itself (as opposed to much greater amount if extract.) Some prefer 20 mg. The highest recommendation I recall seeing is 50 mg at a time, and that only if a person has worked his way up.

That you didn’t notice 60 mg seems to show that you are a low-responder to forskolin, but as to whether 100 mg let alone 200 mg would be a good idea I think no one can say for you. For sure 100 mg is going beyond the typical envelope for forskolin dosage, let alone 200 mg.

If you get super jacked, let us know. hah.

haha funny.

Im going to uncap and recut the whole batch. Ive fried my circuits plenty and I dont think Ive ever been better off for it.