upper leg problem

after leg day, which currently consists of back squats, nghr, hang cleans and romanian deads my upper leg feels slightly uncomfortable. it is towards the inside of my quad where it attaches to the hip. it is a pain that seems like it travels from the top of the leg, down towards the middle maybe 4-5 inches down. yesterday i played soccer and now today it really hurts. so far i am using the rice method plus some ibuprofren. it is nothing serious and im sure it will be fine by next week. however, i still wonder exactaly what the problem might be. anyone have any experience with this type of injury? any help would be appreciated. thanks.

Does it feel like an injury or just DOMS? If you think it’s just sore from the workout, then you probably just have a bit of a strength imbalance and the movements you’re doing are hitting your legs in the way they haven’t been hit before… or at least in awhile.

I used to get that alot when squatting, but I haven’t in a long time… probably from repetition. But I do know the pain (if it is just soreness) you’re talking about. Last week, as a finisher after doing squats and leg presses, I did the adductor, or abductor, machine thingy (I can never keep those straight). You know, the one you usually see fat chicks in spandex doing 10 lbs on? Anyway, I did the stack on the one where you close your legs. I had trouble walking for four days. I waaay overdid it. I know, most of you wouldn’t be caught dead on one of those things, but I need all the leg work I can get and was pretty tired after the squats/leg press; besides, it obviously was doing something for them.

Anyway, the pain eventually went away, helped a little by some light cardio in the following days. So if it’s not some kind of injury to the muscle you should be fine, just try to do some thorough warm-ups and stretching next time.

use icy hot on your balls.

Check symptoms of iliopsoas tendinitis, or iliopsoas strain. See Iliopsoas Tendinitis: Background, Epidemiology, Functional Anatomy for more info.

thanks guys, especially mdog. im sure putting icy hot on my balls will have a great pain reducing effect in my leg. mdog, do you also recommend the rice method on the balls? i think my only problem with that would be the rest portion. lord knows mine are always busy these days. thanks for the advice anyway.

dear pdog
yes i like icy hot on my bals when i agrivate my groing. it takes my mind off the pain else where. if you do use rice use a long grain brown rice or something wild. hope this helps.

P-dog: What your describing and how you describe it sounds like your sartorius muscle, its one of the hip flexors, in the front of your body it runs from the iliac crest (hip bone on outside) down across the leg and inserts on the inside of the knee. I know from soccer playing that This gets trained since it’s use alot in hip flexion and kicking a ball it’s one of the big movers of the hip when you kick. I too have had this soreness after playing soccer 3 times a week at class, You can rice it like you said , you can also strecth it out several ways, one of the ways I have streched it in the past is kneeling on both knees and leaning back, this usually does the trick. Heres A pic and good description of what im talking about: Hope this helps… http://www.exrx.net/Muscles/Sartorius.html

Take it easy

thanks again, its actually feeling much better already. now, if i can just get rid of these damn blisters. i never knew that a f’in blister could hurt so bad. one on each foot. hey mdog, do you have anything to help with my new problem?

…Put icy hot on your balls again… Just a feeling thats what he’s gonna say but i could be wrong. LOL


your not gonna believe this. my blisters were hurting quite badly so i cleaned, drained, taped, and rested them yet no progress. i tried everything i could think of, i searched the archives i searched the www and yet nothing. so i came to a crossroads, do i continue trying to train, perform hiit, go out and get my groove on with this throbbing pain or should i take mdogs advice? well, i decided to try the icy hot treatment. un-fucking-believable. i no longer have any pain in my feet leg or anywhere for that matter. the shit works. thanks mdog. btw how did you come up with this treatment? is there a specific protocol or just apply untill pain is gone?