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Upper Knee Pain

How do I get upper knee pain to go away?
I didn’t get any accident or injures, it’s just a pain I’ve been having for two months, it started after a soccer game where I kicked a lot of goal kick. My left upper knee hurts only within a little angle of flexion, when I go down squatting from approximately 100° to 80° (it’s about a little earlier than 90°, till a little more than the parallel level). I already tried literally everything (electro-stimulation, kinesio taping, ice, massages, physio exercises, glucosammine, condroitine, devil’s claw, arnica). Please if someone can tell me what could be the problem, knowing the angle of flexion that causes my pain, I’ll be so grateful. Here is a pic to better let you know the exact place of the pain

Above knee could be quadriceps tendinitis / tendinopathy. Will need mri for diagnosis.
Best go to physio so they can check the ligaments and tendons for possible injury.
Took me forever to get a proper diagnosis. Everyone blames itb or quad tightness but it’s not always the case!

Thanks mate, I’ll have a MRI next week, but a physio friend of mine said that is 90% quads tendonitis. Do you have any tip to deal with the pain? I already stopped squatting and deadlifting.