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Upper Chest


I need a little help here, my friend (no really, my friend) is in Afghanistan and was asking me if I knew of any really solid upper chest exercises that did NOT require an incline bench...he's got a flat bench (so of course he's using it) that does not move, dumbells, and a barbell with some weights, but he's fairly limited in equipment. I was racking my brain and except for decline push-ups, I couldn't really think of anything. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks :slightly_smiling:


Tell "your friend (no really, your friend)" to STOP benching RIGHT NOW unless he wants to have completely asymmetrical pecs, unless he wants the talibans to go EWW on him.


Elevated one arm push ups.


Flat bench, elbows out, press from neck. It helps if hands are turned in so that the bar goes from the web of the thumb/hand and exits at the wrist rather than under the pinkie. I use towels wrapped around the bar to make for a thicker grip.


If you go pretty low down on your shoulder press you start activating your upper chest.


clean and press, standing military press, both movements involve the use of the upper chest


bah, I meant incline push-ups. thanks for your help :slightly_smiling:


Incline as in hands ona bench will target lower pecs... Feet on a bench will target upper pecs


O rly?


What the hell does the placement of your feet have anything to do with hitting your lower or upper pecs?


Are you for real?


elevate the bench by putting weights to create incline angles of his choice to hit the upper chest.u can also use bricks or anything stable (that will not break).


Bench press reverse grip
for some, they feel better on the triceps, but with dumbbells, I locate the pecs much superior to me.
I am a curve with dumbbells and then tighten up the movement


Yeah, I'm for real. So if I put my feet on the bench while performing the bench press it'll hit my lower pecs more than if I keep them on the floor? That's what I got out of that statement. Would you mind elaborating?


He means push ups there, captain


Just put something rigid underneath one end of the bench. Make sure that the bench doesn't move before he starts bench pressing.

I've also seen someone doing DB bench press at only one end of a bench. Instead of putting your whole body on the bench you only put your upper back on top of one end of the bench. Sorry, I don't really know how to explain it well.



put something under his bench to incline it.


Load the barbell on one end only - something light (25-45lb).

Place the unloaded end in the corner (as though prepping for free T-Bar rows), with the loaded end out into the room.

Pick up the loaded end and position yourself perpendicular to the fixed and unloaded end.

With only one arm holding the (loaded end of the) bar, perform a standing flye.

This is a great home-made move for isolating the pec unilaterally which also is very effective at hitting the upper fibres.

Also as mentioned, flat bench to neck.

Plus if you do the DB Bench with a light weight and with feet raised, then you can (with a good mind-muscle connection) really focus on working the entire pec.

Lastly, DB Pullovers hit the upper fibres i find.


Standing military press... Everyone should do it. Works the upper-chest and shoulders