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Upper Chest Workouts


i'm new to the forum and i'm new to bodybuilding so i want to ask what are the workouts
for upper chest (please shed light on all the workouts for upper chest)

thank you


incline bench works pretty well


According to Dorian Yates decline bench is the single best chest building exercise there is. Butterfly presses are supposed to give you that vertical line between your pecs.


You just recommended decline presses for upper chest...?

Incline presses with barbell/dumbells are the main upper chest exercise... you could also try incline dumbell flies. Might find that a slight angle works better than a steeper one.

Of course, if you wanted you could find much more detail if you spent some time looking around the site.


incline DB


New to BB, but new to weight training as well?


I have to say i'm amazed that on a site where the majority of ppl are so well educated in weight training that guys are recommending incline presses. It's a massive misconception that its possible to target a specific part of the chest. If you hear guys like Dorian Yates talk about it and just read up a bit you'll find that due to there only being one insertion and one origin for the pectoralis major you cannot target a specific part of it. Doing incline presses simply moves some of the resistance to the anterior deltoid and takes some off the pec. In reality there is no way of targeting just the upper pec. The fullness of your chest depends very much on genetics. I know this isnt what you wanted to hear but just stick to flat DB and bench and throw in some decline to give some additional range of motion. If your just starting out you should be seeing massive gains anyway so i wouldnt worry too much about which part of chest is growing. Just appreciate the gains you see now cause i assure you you wont be seeing them again. The first 6-12 months is where you gonna see the best gains.


Have you ever applied this knowledge yourself or do you just take it for granted because youve read it somewhere? I respect any advice or information Dorian has ever given, he's by far my favorite bodybuilder, but i also find that learning from my own experiences is far more important than anything else in my training.

Heavy incline DB press hits my upper chest in a way that no other exercises ive done can. Im not stupid, i know my body, and i can tell when somethings working. If someone wants a recommendation, then i will always recommend that first, because it works for me. It may not for everyone, but if you put more emphasis on reading about training more than actually training, you need to rethink your approach to this stuff.


Fail. One insertion + several origins = possible to hit different parts differently. Read an anatomy book.


Audiogarden is spot on. Doesn't matter what anyone else tells me, for myself, nothing hits my upper chest like barbell incline presses.


Lets not forget, there are some BIG MOTHERFUCKERS on this site who do incline pressing, and im sure its not for shits and giggles.

And then there are some really skinny guys on this site who claim its impossible to target upper chest. Who ya gonna listen to?


Thank God.

Decline for ADDITIONAL range of motion? What!? The reason people go so much heavier on decline is they lower the bar to their damn belly buttons, dramatically reducing the range of motion. At best you could lower the bar to your upper chest and still have SLIGHTLY LESS ROM. Draw a free body diagram while you've got the anatomy book out.
Advice on pressing--prioritize as such 1)military/push-press 2)incline 3)flat You will look better and keep your shoulders healthier. I wish i knew this when i started.


I <3 your recent posts, kakno.