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Upper Chest Workout


The other day I was working out when a guy asked for a spot, which I gladly did. Anyway he was doing a reverse grip bench press. After he was finished I asked him the advantage of benching in that fashion. He stated that it helps build your upper chest. Is that correct? Is that movement better than incline bench pressing? Thanks for the response.


I have used it many times before and may re-aquaint myself with same.

I agree with that guy 100% I also believe it may relieve some of the stress on your shoulder. I dont know if it is better than the incline, But I can certainly see how isolation wise it may target the upper pecs more than an incline where, at least in my case when I go heavy my shoulders are heavily involved.

I will say that I have never gone very heavy with reverse grip (225 at most) as it is a bit hard to control getting out of the rack, but nevertheless even as finisher with light weight I can see the benefit...