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Upper Chest Tips?

What are your best tips for developing the upper chest? Also, could you exclusively do upper chest biased work, in order to improve that v taper look?

Place a low incline bench in the middle of a cable station. Pull the bench back two feet from where you might typically stand to do cable crossover‘s. Perform the fly movement laying on the bench, but only bring the handles to where they’re above your lower chest. None of that over your head nonsense that shifts the tension to your shoulders that you see pretty much everyone in commercial gyms doing.


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Back when I was doing more bodybuilding type training, I found that neck (guillotine) presses were excellent for that. If your shoulders can’t handle stuff like that, barbell pushups to the neck in the same form as a neck press work the same (put a BB in a rack, put your feet on a bench and do push ups to the neck with a wide grip).

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Some kind of incline compund move, heavy/progressive overload
…then something like this:

…then normal chest workout
then finish with feet raised pushups variation

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