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Upper Chest That Shows at the V Shirts


Hi everyone

My main goal on upper body days is improving my flat bench.I see progress training like this
Bench variation or speed bench
Some kind of dumbbell press or 1 more bench variation

I wanna put some mass on my upper chest but don’t wanna change the split that’s giving me progress so I thought of throwing some incline flies on the end

So,what incline height do you suggest?Would I be better off going to cables?What rep ranges should I use?Basically I need some help programming them


I forgot to mention.When I do dumbbell presses on the incline I press with the elbows tucked(around 45 degrees) and on a straight line so shoulders and triceps do most of the work.Again I do so cause I find them way better for improving my bench than the typical bbing form


Sounds like you’re not currently doing much to actually target the upper chest. If you come off of the flat bench for a bit and focus on the incline bench you’ll see some good results. The incline will still hit your middle chest, delts, and tris. But it will hit your upper chest a lot harder than anything you’re doing right now. Mixing in a few incline flies at the end of a workout isn’t going to do a whole lot. Give it a shot for a few weeks and then come back to the flat bench later.


Grab a bench set at ~15 degree incline. Drag that sumbitch in between the cable crossover station, but make sure the “head” of the bench is further back (out of the station) and the bottom portion of the bench is around even with where the cables come out of. If you’ve got this set up correctly, when you perform incline cable flyes, your hands will be near the sides of your glutes at the onset of the movement, and in front of your nipple line (none of this jerking your arms up over your head nonsense that DOESN’T hit upper pecs anyway) at the peak contraction point.

I don’t do any youtube videos anymore, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got an old chest session from 2011 that shows the movement if you want to hunt it down.



If upper chest is your priority then flat bench can take a seat while you improve what you’re looking to improve. prioritize the weak parts of your self to bring everything together. If not then you’ll look goofy. My opinion is do incline presses first then incline flyes right after. This technique floods those muscles with the needs blood and nutrients. Then do your flat bench. Which you’ll most likely not be able to do as much weight. But shit exhausting one part of your chest first makes the other fresh parts work harder. At least I think so


Upper chest is not my priority,benching 300 pounds is.I just wanted to know if I could improve it a bit while still keeping my focus on the flat bench


I’ll search it.Thanks for the info


Incline bench variations should improve your flat bench as well as building a better overall look. For assistance alternate each week between normal barbell incline and a low incline dumbell press both for around 5x10.


Check around 1:13 (an old video, but you can see how I positioned the bench “back” a bit from where most people stand in between the cables.



I actually like Meadows’ suggestion of supersetting rear delt flies with incline bench. I modified it so that incline bench was done first (and with dumbbells instead of a barbell) followed by high rep rear delt flies. Worked pretty well for me and had the advantage of targetting the rear delts as well as the upper chest. Finish it with an isometric squeeze and it works well.


One way I have Filled My upper chest Alot would be a superset between pullovers and incline flys cable or dumbbell. Flat dumbbell pullovers when performed in a specific way can target the upper chest very differently then a lot of other exercises as it is more focused on the pec minor which lays underneath the pec major. Just takes some practice. Think about the placement of the bench being directly under your thoracic spine (upper back) allow your elbows to bend at the bottom really stretch out your chest and then while you initiate the pull movement with the lats there is a point where it turns more into a press. If you think about doing a diamond pushup this helps also hold the weight over you chest so you can feel where to contract. So the next time you have a chest day finish with a superset of pullovers and flys I PROMISE you haven’t felt a chest pump like this.


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