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Upper Chest / Shoulder Width Question

Background: 47, been lifting in some form since 20s
Spent a lot of time on big three and was a chronic over bencher
Moved to south and shifted to outdoor sports and lifting became more a tool to stay in shape to continue said activities
Due to work and travel adopted a full body simple routine focused on dips and press, chins and front squats or Bulgarian.
Now I am wanting to make a run at serious leanness and go beyond my 20 year run as “looks good in izod but a lil puffy”
So I cleaned up diet and now leaner my lower pecs are much larger and overshadow delts and arms. I was thinking of the followIng routine to even my development out.

Single arm landline press
Cable flys


Barbell row
Meadows row
Rear delt

Overhead press
Lateral raises

I also do an ab or yoga every night with girl

As a six week run does this look like if will help my issue?

What issue?

You talk about upper chest/shoulder width and leanness.

The above is not a routine. It’s a list of exercise.

And why only six weeks?

Issue is filling in upper chest or tightening up pecs to ease pec sag
The above is my four day split given the equipment I have access to in my home gym
Reps in 8-12 ranges about five sets

Peck sag has to do with amount (or lack) of muscle and amount (or too much) fat.

Just have fun with your work out.

Lots of “third world” workouts on this site to help you.