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Upper Chest Development/Bench Strength


The consensus among my training partners is we are all lacking in upper chest strength, which is in turn effecting our benches in equipment. one lifter has gone from a 611 bench to around 595, he claims his upper chest is effecting his lift. I have seen little progress, but in the past never trained the upper chest hard. how important are inclines do you think in development of the upper chest, and is the upper chest THAT important in equipment? Just looking for others opinions and experiences.


hows the lat training?

hows the tri training?

do you do any boardwork?


lat training is at least twice a week, sometimes 3. tricep work twice a week along with benching, and boards on my heavy day.


Guillotine press? Some people with same problem cycle that in on incline or flat and it helps.


If you're benching equipped its probably not an issue with chest strength. Check your set-up and form and make sure you're doing what you should be to get your tri's stronger. Might be that you guys are just burnt out, it might be time for a de-load.