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Upper Chest Blast!


So I finished my Chest/Back session today with three supersets of incline DB flyes and cambered bar pullovers. I went pretty heavy on both shooting for 6-8 reps per movement. The flyes were done with a deep stretch and stopping the bells about 16 inches apart at the top keeping all the tension on the chest. The pullovers were done flat with my grip on the outer curve of the bar ( about shoulder width). I kept a slight bend in the elbow and pulled hard on the way up bringing my elbows tight into my sides at the top of the movement. As I fatigued at the end of the set I would lift my ass off the bench slightly and cheat the bar back up forcefully but controlled.

Let me tell you , I have never felt my upper chest hit like this before. I've been training going on 20 years now and have done just about everything under the sun. I have never felt or seen my upper chest pumped the way it was today and when I took my shirt off in the locker room I was shocked at size of top half of my chest all along the clavicle to the sternum. This combo has definitely earned its place in my chest training arsenal. I usually do the pullovers as a finisher by itself, but pairing them with flyes is definitely the way to go. Just though I'd pass it on for anyone that has a hard time getting good upper pec stimulation.


interesting,I have always had shallow upper pecs,I give it a try...


My upper chest lagged until I spent a good 2 years or more working chest two days a week where I did upper chest one day and the triceps and lower chest the next.

Flexed, I may be able to hold a cup up there now.




how your typical upper chest day looked like?


my upper chest seems shallow as well. gonna give it a try, thanks for sharing.

coincidentally, today was just about one of the few times i REALLY felt my upper chest contracting. i was doing BB incline and i was already tired from BB benching. i kinda overloaded the bar for how tired i was and ended up letting the bar rest on my chest each rep for about a second then finishing the rep

nothing revolutionary but it really worked...