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Upper calorie limit for Mag-10


What's the max amount of calories I could eat above maintenance while on Mag-10? I'd be doing heavy eccentric stuff, very light cardio, probably train about 5 days a week. Not to mention I'm 18.

Is there a max? If so, what is it approximately? I know there would be a lot of variables, but is there a general rule?


Don't overanalyze this. You're on an androgen, which mean's you're 'safe' so to speak.

Get your 2g protein/lb, 500+g of carbs, and keep your fat low.

Just eat, eat, eat.


personally i do not think that you should be on mag 10, but thats irrelevent now,
the cals depend on how much fat you can live with gaining, whether you are double dosing body shape etc.
for you i would say just eat. you look more like a mesomorph so will prob just suck up the cals and get big quick.
i find if i dont bump cals up 300-600 i'll lose weight on the stuff so if bulking i go 1200+ cals over maintanace, usually by increasing meal frequency (ie eat the same for each meal break down but have 9+ meals instead of 6) as i dont like eating much above 700cals per meal if training properly...


If I'm not mistaken, the mag-10 plan for success that ships with every bottle suggests 1000 over maintenance. See Massive Eating to calculate your maintenance calories.


Neil, read the "Mag-10 Plan for Success." It will give you the numbers and details you're looking for.


Hmm, I did read the Mag-10 plan for success several times. There's one problem:

I normally eat 1000 calories above maintenance.

I was thinking more like 4-7k calories above maintenance for the Mag-10, with 700+ grams of protein a day.


NeilG, how do you normally eat 1000 calories above maintenance and not get fat? YOu said that you have been dieting lately.



If you normally eat 1000 above, I'd assume that you're always gaining weight?

In other words, if you aren't gaining, then it isn't your maintenance.


4-7 thousand calories above maintenance, did i read that right?

dude you will be clinically obese in two weeks.


Thank you once again Neil for clogging up this fine forum with your idiocy. Now, in order to complete your normal pattern, please begin to tell these knowledgeable people that they are wrong and you are right and are going to do what you want anyway regardless of their good advice.

Then, once this thread turns ugly and pointless, begin another thread just as idiotic. Repeat until T-mag once again kicks your ass off the forum and makes a fool of you in Reader Mail.


What the hell 7k above maintenance??What are you going to eat like 10,000 "clean" cals a day?? C'mon....


When I say I normally eat 1k calories above maintenance, that is by the calculated maintenance levels, which is somewhere in the 3500-4000 range, I forget exactly what it was.

Yes, I lost a great deal of weight eating above maintenance.

So 5000 calories is the norm for me.

I've gone over 7000 while I was in school, which meant no food between 7 am and 4 pm.

No, no typos. That's why I asked about the calories thing, because what I have no trouble eating is generally more than a lot eat in two days.

That's why I asked.

Serious, let's keep this nice, ok?


Also, even if you don't believe that I could eat that much, how about just pretend it's a theoretical question.


ok im gonna pretend you can eat 7000kcal over maintenance. by your own admission your maintenance is around 4,000, and you lost weight eating 1000 over that. so lets say your new maintenance is 5000, and your gonna eat 7000 over that????

12,000kcal in one day? holy shit dude even if you can eat that you will look like one of the fat ladies that you can find in commercial gyms on a treadmill or eliptical trainer.

then again you are a proponent of high saturated fats in your diet. im sure a couple of sticks of butter could get you to 12k real quick.

on a side note my dog jumped on the counter this morning and ate an entire cube of butter.


Neil, maintenance is the calorie level at which you will stay the same weight. That means not losing weight or gaining weight. If your norm is 5000, then 5,000 is your maintenance. A 5,000 calorie maintenance is kind of high. Are you sure you're calculating that right? You said in the past that you gain fat easily.


Neil, before I flame you, I'm going to tell you something important, so listen. This isn't a joke about feces, bees, or saturated fat.

When you eat, and you maintain weight, whatever level of calories that you eat that maintains your weight is, by definition, your maintainance level of calories. It doesn't matter what the calculations say, what the politicians who made the food pyramid say, or even what your beloved Dentist-Mentor said about calorie intake, if you maintain your weight at a certain level of calories, that level is your maintainance. Q fucking E fucking D.

That being said, if you've been dieting, this will throw off what's been going on. You have to have been maintaining your weight for at least a few weeks before you have any clear idea of what your maintainance levels. Any sort of calculation, equation, or tarot reading about your calorie intake is just an educated guess. Educated guesses can be close, but they can also be completely wrong. For me, massive eating guidelines are pretty freaking generous. For other people, they're right on. So you have to ADJUST.

As Joel Marion pointed out in his "Update" thread in the Photo forum, you should maintain for a few weeks after you finish a gaining cycle before you go straight into dieting. I would say the opposite is true as well--you need to maintain after dieting so you know where that level is before you go straight into a gaining phase. Otherwise, all those extra calories are just ready and rarin' to be stored as fat. Yes, I know that we do a lot of work here with nutrient partitioning, but the fact remains that after a long diet, your body is just ready to lay in some fat. There are technical reasons for this, but just suffice it to say that you need to maintain for a while before you jump into a gaining phase.

So when something tells you to eat 1000 calories above maintainance, what you do is the following: take the level that you have been maintaining on--because you should have been maintaining for at least a couple of weeks--and add 1000 calories to it.

Therefore, if you have been maintaining your weight on however many calories, that is a level AT maintainance.

It's not rocket science.

Flame on,



"I've gone over 7000 while I was in school, which meant no food between 7 am and 4 pm."

Is this a joke? Do you know how much food that is? First of all, 7000 calories is a ton, and then squeezing it into 9 hours, assuming you do sleep at least 6...dude you would look like you were on pear-roids.


"Yes, I lost a great deal of weight eating above maintenance."

I meant above the calculated maintenance.

So let's say that my maintenance is 5k calories...I don't know if it is, let's just say it is. Then 6000 calories would be the absolute max intake while on Mag-10? And if I ate more I'd just get fat?


Bees are nature's candy. Use door knobs in socks to break your bones. Those are classic lines, Dan McV. Truly Classic.


7000 above maintenance is too much. I also think you are totally miscalculating your maintenance levels. A person weight 205 (is this right?) should not have a maintenance caloric intake of 5000. Remember, you have to take your lbm and calculate using that, not your overall weight. If you are doing this already, then something is wrong. Please post your calculations.



I don't think he's saying 7000 OVER his maintenance, he's just saying that he can eat up to 7k a day...which would be 2k calories above his "maintenance" number.

If I were NeilG I would simply eat as much as possible. Don't get so nitpicky about it. I gained a lean fairly lean 10 pounds in a month on Mag-10 by eating A LOT (for me). My bench press went up a good 30 lbs too. I didn't weigh my food, or count calories to a great extent. Just ate a lot.