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Upper Body Workout...


I had a question about my upper body lifting. I have had two major knee surgeries and am no longer doing any lower body, but I love lifting and know i have the right attitude bc i stay intense, ALWAYS! Anyway I dont know if i am gettin enough recover time in between workouts. I was wondering if anyone has a good upper body(only) workout that i can get on. I am just confused on how many sets to do, reps, rest time. So if anyone has an upper body workout please post it and i'll try it.



Why no lower body work? I figured that would help your rehab.


Im not rehabing. I tore my knee up playing football in high school and tried coming back to early after surery and then tore my meniscus and after trying to rehab I lied about my knee to get into the marine corps.(bad idea) and was sent home after a month of boot camp bc my knee wouldnt stop swelling. I talked to my surgeon and he said theres not much i can do at this point. I will need a meniscus transplant surgery soon or a knee replacement. I go out and walk and occasionally try to go on a run but I definately do not want to give up lifting! So I def. need a really good upper body routine/workout to get those guns!



buehler, buehler....


If i were you i would look into this.


Sorry to hear that. Good Luck!


Thanks for the workout. If anyone else has any others please let me know.



How many times would u guys recommend for working a particular muscle group? For example could I lift my arms on monday and then do them on thursda or friday? Or should I just liftthem once a week? Which one would u guys recommend?


I would recommend reading some of the content of this website. Also, make sure you are holding a shoe in your "before" picture.


This totally depends on you. Check this site. It has great articles and ideas. I usually like the CT and Poliquin style. Not to knock the others; i just perform well with these style. Check out Waterbury also. This should give you a good idea of the variety on this site. These guys all have different ideas and are some of the best in the world.


Alright thanx chewie. What is your personal favorite as far as a workout? Also, for you T-Nation veterans, i created a username for this message board, but does that require a fee, am i going to owe anything for joining the message board, i sure hope not bc I am broak as a joke! lol



It's going to be tough because some of the best shoulder moves for strength and power imply leg stability and explosiveness, man (ex. standing military press, push press(jerk), power clean, etc.). Anyways, here's a routine and in the ( ) are the options if you can't do the exercise.

Just some ideas...

Day 1
A1. Flat Bench Press
A2. Cable Row
B1. Standing DB Military Press (Seated DB Military Press)
B2. Chin-Up

C1. Elbows-out Triceps Extension
C2. Zottman Curl

Day 4
A1. Incline Bench Press
A2. Barbell Row
B1. Power Clean (Upright Row)
B2. Straight Arm Cable Pressdown

C1. Dips
C2. Pull-ups

Honestly, I think you should search for an article on periodization and nutrition before making any routine (or plan), otherwise you're training might goto shit. Periodization isn't the only way, but it's probably the best way.


I like Poliquin's 1-6 method so far, but that works well for me and my goals. It won't do much for those who don't squat.

No this site is free! Isn't it great?


Are you a current student at the University of Illinois? I ask because I go to school there myself, and I've worked with most of the varsity teams on campus, football being one. It would be nice to see some local interest in T-Nation!


Riding a bicycle you'll train the lower body but won't put much stress on the knees.

Also, you can work the posterior chain without bending the knees. Goodmornings, romanian deadlifts.

They will putt pressure on the knees, but you probably want to avoid the combination of pressure and movement on the knees. Pressure OR movement should be fine, but not both at the same time.


Ok, i think i am going to try this workout and i just wanted to see what all of you guys think.....

chest,triceps-3x each exercise 10-8-6

legs,biceps-3x each exercise 10-8-6


shoulders,abdominals-3x each exercise 10-8-6

back-3x each exercise 10-8-6


Now do you guys think i should saty with the 3 sets on each or should i got to 2 or up it to 4? Also what do u guys think about the 10-8-6 on the reps?
*on the abs i would use weight
*also each week i thought i would switch exercises to change it up and keep my muscles guessing, what do u guys think? thanx



anyone..lol? I was actually just tryin to post to keep this thread on the first page so someone could reply about the workout i presented above.



Actually I am now thinking about doing the workout I posted above with three sets on each exercise doing reps of 6 on each one. I was wondering what some of your thoughts on that particular workout would be? thanx