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Upper Body Workout Critique

hi all,
i wanted to get a critique of my upper body workouts and logic behind them. i am trying to put on mass and am doing a three day split of chest/tri, back/bi and legs. i am mostly trying to put on mass on my upper body as my legs are naturally fairly muscular. below are my chest/tri and back/bi workouts. i am not going to list the weights, but i do 4 sets of each exercise and try to keep the rep range around 8 (plus or minus 1).

also, after i have put on sufficient mass i was thinking of doing a full body weight workout once a week, where i would lift very heavy and keep it to two simple compound exercises per muscle group and do javorek style complexes and HIIT the rest of the week to cut.

incline DB press
flat DB press
military barbell press
weighted dips
DB should press
DB chest flys

pull ups
bent over barbell row
upright row
one arm dumbbell row
reverse cable flys
wide grip cable row
inverted bodyweight row

If you want to add mass to your upper body. Do more squats and deadlifts.

[quote]laujik wrote:
If you want to add mass to your upper body. Do more squats and deadlifts.[/quote]

i include those in my leg workout. in addition to romanian deadlifts, good mornings, barbell lunges and leg presses (not all in the same workout of course). having said that, do you think the way my upper body workout is organized a good way to gain mass?

How long have you been working out?

I would stick to a 3x a week full body routine (such as a 5x5 routine) and just keep progressively adding weight. Especially being a beginner, you will see great strength and mass gains (considering you have adequate nutrition). Keep it simple.

You have a good list of great exercises, but this split is unnecessary if you are just starting to get into the workout lifestyle.

This is a great read I think you will enjoy.