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Upper Body Workout at Home

I was wondering if I do the following exercises, am I getting a good workout waist up.

Handstand/handstand push ups, pull/chin ups, dips, planche and front lever progressions, and ab work.

Am I hitting all the muscles I should, if not tell please tell me where they are, and what body weight excercizes I could do to get them?

I do body weight exercises because I don’t go to a gym, and my “gym equipment” consists of a pull up bar, attic entrance for dips, my little brothers large bouncy ball that I use for a swiss ball, my parents ab roller, and my dad’s grip squeezer thing for the forearms.


Hmm, if you put the chin up bar fairly low you could also do rows. Lay on your back and pull yourself up to the bar.

It’s like a reverse push-up, they look really cool.

And yeah, it looks like those will hit quite a few muscles. For dips, try to keep your elbows as far out from your body as possible (without fucking up your shoulders!!) so as to hit the chest more than the triceps. Chin-ups would be best as they hit the biceps the most out of all the variations.

In addition to what they all said, you could try to incorporate handstand walking for some wicked core work. Other than that, you’re golden. But, um…what about the lower half of you?!?

HINDU SQUATS… then work up to one legged squats

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I heard that the front lever acts like the rowing motion?

Yes, legs need to be worked. I do leg work, but I haven’t quite figured out exactly what to do, I just mix it up.

I don’t know the names but I do jumping squats, things where your on your knees, your feat are held and you lean over to work your hamstrings, the workout that’s like an arch but your shoulder’s are touching to hit the glutes, some calf-raises (I think that’s what there called) on the side of my bunk bed.
Are these workout’s good for legs.

What’s a hindu squat…how do I do it?
Can’t get the one legged squats yet, but those would be sweet.

I’ve been practicing handstands for a while and I can, at max, probably stay up for like 7 sec. i guess, I timed like 5 a while ago so I imagine I’ve gotten better, but I’d love to be able to walk around…some day. I’ve also recently been practicing hand springs (those things the power rangers do a lot j/k) there fun and I’m sort of getting the hand of them. Are these a good workout too?

Thanks you guys for the advice.