Upper-Body Work

I was reading up on the debate between Thibs, Berardi and Waterbury about how they would create the illusion of looking big with actors. This relates to me because while my lower body has decent development, my upper body has always been lacking those “bro-muscles”. Now, I’m not sure if it’s genetic disposition, or I’m just not hitting my upper body the right way.

I’m on an upper/lower split, and on my upper days I make sure to get in my compounds (barbell bench, dumbbell incline, dips, push press, standing military, etc.) and then do some isolation work (raises, skull crushers, rear delt raises, etc.)

My back is developing some thickness mainly from heavy rows, cleans, deads and pulls, but my traps, tri’s-bi’s, chest (somewhat) and shoulders are out of proportion.

It looks like I’m 140 lbs. from the top, and 200 from the waist down. Could it be that my upper won’t grow until I put on a substantial amount of weight overall? In this case, my legs would now be massive, while my upper now looks normal at least.

I am kinda built the same way. I have realy put all my focus on my upper body the last few weeks. Now I havent neglected my lower body but have just tried to maintain it. But it just takes time to build it all up and putting on some weight wont hurt either.

For instance just 5-6 weeks ago I could bench 185 2-3 time. Today i did 5 reps of 185 6-8 times and can see the difference. It just takes time.

The 20 pounds of hollywood muscle workout could be good if that’s what you want