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Upper Body Work For Nitro Squat Program


I read the nitro squat program and I am interested in starting it. Im not sure about how i should go about upper body work for it.
I was thinking about something like on The front squat day Bench Press and Bent over rows both 5 sets of 5.

On the over head squat day incline press and pull ups and then on the back squat day bench press and bent over rows.

Those who have done this program what did you do for upper body. I heard great things from this program for increasing both size and strength in your legs.

Thanks for the help


I've just finished nitro squats - it is bloody brilliant. often the squats may feel like 'thats it?' but stick it... i added 22 lbs a week to my back squat for most of it.

i did horizontal push/pull on mon, cleans on wed and vertical push/pull on fri... worked a treat.


what type of reps and sets did you do for that
thats pretty amazing 20 lbs in a week.


Holy Shit. I did it and got results but thats 60 lbs in three weeks. I did 3x3 Bench/Row one day, Weighted Chins and Military another, and HSPU's another while greasnig the groove with chins.