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upper body with nitro squat?

what exercise selection/rep/set scheme to use? Thanks.

Goals are strength and mass; diet and rest is solid. Big fan of compound movements. Thanks.

Keep the volume low and intensity (% of 1RM) relatively high. Just build a standard split around the basics: bench, overhead press, rows, chins/pullups, and maybe some abs and calves. No need to overly complicate things: it’s a squat-centered program.

Something like:

Monday: Military Press, chinups
Wednesday: Abs, calves
Friday: Bench, rows

I vote for 5x5, but then again, that’s my default program.

Dan “5x5” McVicker

13th C:

With all the new programs out there (and “Testosterone” has given us many over the years), I STILL keep coming back to the simple, “tried and true” schemes:

Basic, Compound Movements as the foundation.

Heavy BUT controlled FROM

8-12 rep scheme with about 3 exercises per bodypart

Steady progressive resistance…

Boring…and it doesn’t have an “alphabet soup” of a name or sound like the name of a piece of lumber…but it’s effective!

Hope this helps!


Hey, there, 13th. Welcome to T-Mag!!!

I looked at Coach Davies’ article, www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/268nitro.jsp. It outlined things pretty well. Could you explain where your confusion lies or what you don’t understand?

Please fill me if you are going to do it with the combination of Mon-Front Squat, Wed-Overhead Squat and Fri-Back Squat. I look foward to being of help.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Thanks for the replies and the welcome

Coach Davies: yes I will be doing it “Mon-Front Squat, Wed-Overhead Squat and Fri-Back Squat”.