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Upper Body Weights Won't Stop Going Down


Im 14, my program is usually go to my BJJ class Tuesdays ad Thursdays and go to the gym afterwards, tuesday is usually flat bench, rows, shrugs, curls. Thursday is deadlift then squat. The last 3 months or so my bench has been going down, i used to do 135x3x10 now im lucky if i dont fail that 5x5. I've tried eating more, sleeping more, resting, tried all sorts of grips, tried arching my back, pinching my elbows in, etc. But nothing works and I have no clue as too why, so help is greatly appreciated! Thank you guys


Could you lift on different days or is Tuesday-Thursday the only time you can get to the gym? You might just be gassed out after BJJ and don't have much left for lifting. I used to lift directly after BJJ and didn't get anywhere but injured; if you could put them on separate days it'll probably help.


thats the only day i can go to the gym because its near my BJJ place, i tried lifting on other days but i cant dead, squat, or flat bench w/bar at home, so i still had to do those at the gym and it just wore me out faster.


Is this because of crappy equipment (not enough weights) or because you haven't learned to clean and front squat or floor press?

Have you tried eating more?


I have a curl bar, power block dumbells, a bench, and a good bit of weight. I can't clean and im too scared to try in the gym. I've tried eating more, and i still am, and so far nada, it sucks because i just cant figure it out!


Why can't you deadlift at home? Your home set-up sounds pretty similar to mine. Weights, a bench, and a sturdy floor. My routine alternates three workouts, and I don't necessarily get them all in one week depending on BJJ/boxing, but that keeps me from burning out. I'll post my routine, you may be able to do something similar:

Workout A:

Deadlifts, 5 sets of 3
This is my heavy lower, lighter upper day.

Workout B:

Front squat 6X4 (these are light relative to deadlifts so I do more volume)
Bench 3x4 ("heavy" for me, but I ain't gonna lie, I have a laughable bench)
Barbell row 3x8
This is my lighter lower, heavy upper day.

Workout C is tire flips and throws, sledgehammer stuff, sandbag junk. You may not have access to that, so you may just stick to the first two workouts. It doesn't seem like much, but if you train hard on the few exercises you got it'll do you good without cutting into your BJJ too much. Hope it helps.


I dont have enough weight for DL's(225x5x5) , i have a curl bar and i hate db deads! And if you think you have a laughable bench my 1r maximum in the best shape of my life was 190, and i've never gotten that again. I havent tried front squats b/c my quads arent all i want them to be. This seems like a good program, and for workout C i might be able to do the conditioning class at my BJJ gym. Thank you!


"I havent tried front squats b/c my quads arent all i want them to be"



Eat more. If you still dont get stronger, eat more. If you still dont get stronger, eat more. I can type this 30 more times but hopefully you arent completely stupid and get the point by now.

Good luck


you became a member of this site when you were 13?


Void's dad here...

Friday lifts (he's doing infrequent FB HIT style, due to schedule)

hspl mp

275 sketchy rep but PR! +50
275 clean rep followed by
4x275 from 3/4 shin...
Fug he's sore.

hspl v-squat

hspl pulldown

hspl decline

hspl row

As best as I can recollect...


Void had a shitty workout, had to stop deads as prior knee injury was acting up.

voids lift

hspl pulldown

hspl rows