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Upper Body Weaker Than Lower


hi been lifting for about 6 months on and off
todays w/o
leg extension 3x8 56 kg
leg curl 3x8 56 kg
split squat 3x8 45 kg
sldl 3x8 60 kg
deadlift 86x8 96x8 kg
106x2 116x2kg
126x1 136x1kg
146x1 156x1kg
166x1kg failed at first second time got it
stoked about gettin that lift but my bench is 50-70kg 90kg 1rm
1arm db row 30kg x8
b/o row 50 x8
lat pul 50 x8

wat im tryin to show is my upper body is really weak in comparison
to my lower and my deadlift kills all my other lifts by at least 100kg wat can i do





  1. 8x96kg on DL and 8x50 on b/o row and 1x166 DL with 90kg bench press don’t look that unbalanced…

  2. 45kg split squat (each leg, isn’t it?) should be 110-120kg on back squat, which is fine compared to your DL;

  3. why don’t you squat (plain 'ole two-legged-bar-on-back SQUAT)?

  4. Why isolation exercises before compound ones?

  5. How does your weekly routine look like?

  6. What are your goals? Are you an absolute beginner or have some athletic background?

  7. Why did you max out on DL?

I’d suggest you to pick a beginner program such as Starting Strength or Westside For Skinny Bastards (well, probably the latter works better for you, seen your numbers) and stick to it as long as your lifts go up.


I understand this is the beginner’s section, but…

  1. What was the point to this thread? You didn’t pose a question

  2. Your upper body is SUPPOSED to be weaker than your lower body. We’re dealing with smaller muscles here.

  3. You’re getting impatient that nobody has responded to your post after only an hour that you made this thread. Calm down. No body wants to listen to respond to a whiner.

Now, what your routine like? We should know this so we can see where you can make adjustments.




[quote]forbes wrote:

lol ! ! !


What do you weigh?

I’m 135 pounds

I’ve been lifting for just over a month in the free weights and leg machines (a couple of months before that with upper body machines) and I lift heavier than you in every lift other than deadlift and bench. So you are probably right, but the deadlift should be one of your best lifts anyway so I would’nt worry too much.

I’m currently stuck on my deadlift due to grip strength (I started at 130 and now i’m at 250), I’ve never maxed. What seems to help me is to do your worst lift first i.e. do the deadlift last (I focus on my bench because I’m very new to it and it takes time to get technique and stabiliser muscles up to scratch)

Depending on your weight, you either have a very good dead and average everything else, or average dead and low everything else. Just make your dead less of a priority and focus more energy on weaker lifts.


Man until your upperbody is stronger than you lower body you don’t have much to worry about.


yeah sorry i dont get much time for this iv got kids and also work alot.
i dont do regular squats coz i dont have a rack.
routine is mostly full body routine depends how it all feels if somethings to sore and still needs recovery i let it rest.
im 90 kgs.

weights r all goin up 1 arm row went up 10kg in 2 days and iv also put on 4 kg in about 5 day so not complaining
i max lift dead lift every 6 weeks or so just to make sure overall strength is increasing as i figure its the best way to check
well happy heavy lifting every 1


Why is it you don’t squat? Is it because you don’t have a squat rack are are concerned for safety? In that case, there are several variations on the squat (both bilateral and unilateral) that you can do sans squat rack. :wink:


i know i can do front squat which will be starting monday but iv just had a tooth pulled so i dont see that workout being great but what other variations of the squat do you mean being new to this i only know front back and split


[quote]southozkravguy wrote:
i know i can do front squat which will be starting monday but iv just had a tooth pulled so i dont see that workout being great but what other variations of the squat do you mean being new to this i only know front back and split[/quote]

Well, there’s:

  1. Zercher Squats

  2. Split Squats (you can do these with a barbell in the crooks of your elbows, just like a zercher squat, except with a split stance of course).

  3. Overhead Squat

  4. Bulgarian Split Squats

  5. Lunges

  6. Stepups

  7. Hack Squats

  8. Pistols (if you have the strength or balance, but there are ways around this).

Within these variations, you can adjust foot placement, such as using a wider or narrower stance, as well as elevating your feet on a block or leaving them flat on the floor. So you can have variations within variations.

The other good news is that you can use dumbbells for many of these. At most, you need a bench with uprights of course, for zercher squats, but I presume you have that already :wink:

You’re only limited by your imagination.


Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo!!! Hi I’m Daylin. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappi.

Toucher and Rich


So far you’ve come up with 1000 reasons why you don’t squat. Man up and at least do zerchers.


hay daylin if youve read any of my posts you would know if doin split squats and only because i dont have a rack and i work out in a poorly equipped garage not a proper gym so before u recommend man up try readin up


cheers forbes il be starting front squats tomorrow would it be a good idea to lay off the deadlift during that work out so im not working to many major movements?


Its not so much working too many movements as it is managing fatigue. I think front squats and deadlifts can be too taxing when done together, unless you’re only doing like one or two sets of each.

I would do the deadlifts on another day. If you wanted a hip dominant movement without so much fatigue, try maybe long step lunges. They’re good to do after front squats, but they don’t fatigue the lower back much.


Go to page 25 of this:

You can get squat stands for cheap. You mightn’t be able to go too heavy but it’s better than not squatting.

Also if you are into carpentry you can build your own stands:
That’s what they used to do way back when :slight_smile: The second picture is of Tommy Kono’s home gym.