Upper Body Warm-up?

Trying to figure out how to warmup correctly while not overdoing or over complicating it :woman_shrugging:t3:

Any advice would be appreciated!

This is what I did today for my upper body warmup :
Resistant band rows
Resistant band pull aparts
External rotations
Bicep curl to reverse fly
Face pull with external rotation

All done 10 reps for 1 set, not specifically in this order also, if that matters.
Did a chest and shoulder workout today but would do this warmup for chest or back.

Do you have any specific concerns (like your shoulder hurts, your elbows don’t feel good, you can’t get in the “zone”, etc.)?

I have a shoulder impingement, more specifically in my sub-scapular. I have a hard time activating/feeling activation in my right lat due to weakness and tightness.

What you posted is fine, I would do at least one exercise like the band rows for 20 reps tho

This good to change it up/tweak things also…

I think a full body warm up is best for any type of serious lifting. These days, here’s what I do:

5 min on Airydyne (or, 5 min of some light movement, like slow jog or shadow boxing)

30 sec hang from bar/rings, 30 sec sit in deep squat (stolen from Dan John)

5 paused KB goblet squats, 5 pulsed bridges with 3 sec hold, 5 KB halos (stolen from Pavel). I also get a set of: 10 push ups, 5 pull ups, 5 HLR, 5 pull ups, 5 HLR scattered in.

Start my warm up weights with whatever lift I’m doing, and do some band pull aparts between warm up sets.


Squat University shared a post on Instagram: "I want to share with you a simple upper body warm up exercise. Start perpendicular to a band attached to a rig. Sit your hips back and let the band pull your arm under your body as you twist your upper...