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Upper Body Training

I would like some opinions about my new workout plan. My weak points are biceps and back(some rounded shoulders, I have to avoid flat bench barbell press and reduce chest work) so the workout is designed especially to strengthen and make bigger these ones.

A1 Strengh/functional hypertrophy emphasis
Weighted Pull up 4x5
Weighted chin-up 3x6
Chest supported prone row 4x6
Incline barbell bench 3x6
Weighted dip 3x6
Reverse fly 3x8
Incline Hammer Curl 3x7
scaption+extrarotation 2x12

A2 Hypertrophy
Pull ups 3xmax
Dumbell row 3x8
Dumbell bench press 2x10
Dumbell flys 2x10-12
Reverse fly 3x10-12
seated shoulder press 3x10 (I like/prefer doing shoulder press after posterior deltoid work)
Lateral raises 2x12
Barbell curl 2x10-12
Skullcrush 2x10
scaption+extrarotation 1x15-18

-Push up plus in the rest days to improve posture.-
Before this I used to do 3 sets of direct biceps working once a week, twice a week could be better??

So what you’re saying is you need a more specialized back workout I take it? Cause that split is just confusing.

I would do:

Mon: Legs
Tues: Back
Wed: Chest/Shoulders/Calves
Thurs: Rest
Friday: Back (deadlift this one)
Sat: Arms/Calves/Abs
Sun: Rest

Also look up Mountain Dog training.

The split I do is upper lower split, I find works better for me
A1 B1 rest A2 B2 rest rest

Maybe I have to switch… But I don’t want to train more than 4time per week

i have found with any bicep exercise that when you pull the weight up, concentrate on pulling your pinky finger towards your thumb it really activates your biceps.
ie. right hand try twist the pinky finger on the way up all the way towards the thumb and same on left hand

how long have you been doing upper\lower? if it has been a wile wouldn’t hurt to change things up for a little bit, but i have to say that upper\lower splits have a way more athletic feel to it, are much harder to do.

i like splits better i can concentrate on one thing at at time and smash it, maybe that’s what you need

my split looks like but i only take 3 nights off a fortnight

Monday: Chest & Biceps
Tuesday: Back & Abs
Thursday: Shoulders & Triceps
Friday: Legs & Abs

also i find cable crossovers far more better at chest isolation than flyes but that could just be me, remember you can always change your isolation exercises more often than your primary lifts, so if you find your not getting the best of something switch it up quickly experiment.

ok i hope that helps a little