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Upper Body Training Program


Can anyone recommend a training program that focuses on exclusively upper body movements? I have injuries in both feet that prevent me from doing squats, deadlifts, standing rows, etc. Rather than simply taking a full training program and eliminating these exercises, I am hoping there is one out there that is designed around this type of problem.

Looking not just for exercises, but volume, frequency.

I am rehab-ing as quickly as possible to return to full body training, but could use program in the meantime to maintain if not increase upper body mass.



Just train with lifts like flat bench, incline bench, dumbell rows, chest-supported rows, seated presses, seated curls, ... can you stand? If not avoid any standing movement and your fine. How bad is the injury? You can do leg curls and extensions to get some lower body work in.


Thanks for the reply. I am mobile, but can't do any standing movements without pain. I will try machine movements like leg curls and extensions as suggested to get leg work without involving the feet. Fortunately I can still do the movements that you have recommended, just missing the effects of some of the big compound movements for core and back strength. To healing soon....


What did you do to your feet?


x2 Do some back raises (for lower back and hamstrings) and ab work. These areas need to be kept strong for when you get back to squatting and deadlifting.


depending on what part of your feet hurt maybe you could do hamstring curls and leg extensions as well for legs, its not much but i think its better than nothing.

King beef has a workout thread with many different workouts i believe it's a sticky at the top of the bodybuilding forum page.

but i mean its endless what you could do for upper body. and for frequency on the first page there is a push, pull, leg routine. Which obviously you'd probably eliminate most of the leg stuff.