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Upper Body the Day Before Lower Body?

Getting ready to switch to Triumvirate 4 days a week.

I noticed that on most upper/lower splits, the upper body days come before the lower body days. I see this not just with Jim’s programs but others as well. I am curious if there is a reason for this ?

it doesn’t matter. Just take into account what workouts tax you the most and require the most recovery. For me, it’s Squats, so I put squats at the end of the “week.” You don’t want one workout (say dead lifts) to impede on your Press or Bench workout, but Press and Bench is less taxing than deadlifts or squats - so just order the workouts by way of how they affect your recovery and don’t give it another thought.

Doing deads - press - squats - bench worked good for me but it depends on you and on how you recover.
My only gripe with the usual setup (press - deads - bench - squats) is that I don’t like doing lat work (chins/rows) the day right before deads, want to give it a try doing chins on deads day and rows on bench day.