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Upper Body Strength, Can't Train Legs


I want more strength in upper body.I cant training my legs now,becouse i have inflammation in the left adductor.Whay do you think for this:
1.bench press- 4-5 sets,4-5reps per set-50%,60%,70%,80%,90% from 1 max rep
2.one arm dumbbell row 3-4 sets,5 reps per set
3.Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 3 sets,8-12 reps
4.Chest supported rows 3 sets,8-12 reps
5.Full contact twist 3 sets,5 reps
6.L-sit 3 sets

1.weighted dips 4 sets,5-6 reps
2.weighted pull ups 4 sets,5-6 reps
3.pull ups and dips in superseries-10 series X 5 reps for minimal time (EDT)
4.renegade row 4 sets,5 reps

1.Bench press 4 sets,10-12 reps
2.superserie-pull ups and face pull 4 sets,8-12 reps
3.superserie-traps exercise,biceps exercise and triceps exercise 3-4 sets,8-12 reps
4.grip exercise 3 sets

I will trainig my calfs 2 days per week,with 2 exercises per set.
What do you think?I want more strength and .. may be 3-4kg.I will eat much and sleep enough.
Excuse me for bad english ! :slight_smile: