Upper Body Specialization?

Im making some changes to my new plan, and today I decided it might be beneficial for me to focus on upper body for a while. I do a lot of deadlifting, DB snatches, and 1-leg squats, so my lower body is doing pretty good. As for my upper body, I could use some work. My chest, shoulders and back are fairly strong, but my arms are weak. So this program will be aimed at upper body strength with a focus on arms.

My upper body is free from any injuries, but there are certain moves i have to avoid, or I get a shoulder impingement under clavicle near the AC joint.

So, overhead pressing with a bar, and other moves may be out for a while at least.

My aim is to focus on the exercises that give me the greates gains in strength, while having minimal risk of imingement or any injuries. Heres what ive come up with.

Workout A:

A1 Dips or Decline db bench 6rm
A2 Neutral grip hang pullups 6rm 15:00 target appox 30 rep

Assistance work: Face pulls, overhead shrugs, lateral/rear delt work 3x8

Workout B:

A1 Snatch grip deadlifts 6rm 15:00 target approx 30 reps

B1: Barbell curls 6-10rm
B2: Floor Db tri extensions 6-10 rm 15min approx 30-50rep


Workout C:

A1 DB floor press 6rm
A2 Chest supported rows 6rm 15:00 target 30 reps.

Assistance work: (similar to workout A)

Workout D:

A1 Sumo deadlifts 2-4rm 15:00 target 15-20 reps



Workout E:

A1 Single DB push press 6rm
A2 Other arm 6rm
A3 Chinups 3-6rm 20:00 target 30 reps

Asistance work: (similar to workout A)

Thats the entire program. It may need some changes as i go, but its the general design. What do you guys think?

Won’t Lateral Raises, Overhead shrugs or single arm push presses impinge your subacromial bursa? (If that is what it is… it surely sound like it to me…:wink: )

I actually really like it… looks like it is straight out of a T-Nation article (Compliment)

I like it… go for it.

Don’t overhead movements impinge tho? And if it is the Sub-acromial Bursa, then it will impinge when the arm is 45+ degrees abducted and through to overhead i believe… AND if it is, then it will become more and more swollen and irritated, impinging more readily.

You seen someone? Sorry, i got caught up on the wrong thing dint i?!


Well, im working on mobility work, but ive never had a problem with impingement from DB work. If it impinges from the overhead shrugs, i’ll just drop them.

Im working on mobility, and doing a lot of shoulder dislocates with a broom stick seems to help. Its gonna be a little trial and error, but I basically gotta find a good couple of exercises that I can do with no problems. Then i’ll push it hard with those exercises.

I probably wont be able to do dips either, but im gonna give them a try.

Oh and for the DB push press, i’ll probably be performing a neutral grip with my elbow tucked. This should help my shoulder a bit.

If all else fails, im going to focus on the key exercises I absolutely know i can do with no pain.

DB floor press and Supported rows.

I like it then.