Upper Body Specialization Routines After Broken Foot

Hi all, last week I had a crush injury to my right foot. Got it x-rayed and turns out I have an avulsion in the lisfranc joint.

I’ve been looking to up my chest and back development and wanted to see if anyone had any good routines, maybe a 4 day split. Right now my bench is 330, and it seems like now would be a good time to focus on it plus my back. I won’t be able to do any leg work or deadlifts aside from single leg stuff, and maybe air squats if my bone doesn’t displace in the next few weeks.

So, my goals are to increase my bench press, plus chest and back development. Just looking for an effective routine if anyone has one. I’ve never planned an all upper body training split, so it tough to plan things with no leg day.

Thanks for any advice.