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Upper Body Routine After Prolonged Absence


I'm hoping that you fellows can help me out please. I have been out of the gym for a long time due to a longterm back injury which forced me to drastically curtail my training...almost to nil, during which time I was in extensive physical and massage therapy. As a result, I lost about 25 lbs of body weight and my muscle mass. Previous to the injury, I had been a dedicated trainer and for my age (now 50) in excellent shape.

I am now able to return to the gym, and have been concentrating particularly on strengthening my posterior chain (glutes, hams, quads in addition to core).
However, I am seeking a good upper body workout, and other than just doing the typical basic moves (chest press, back rows, dips, curls, etc), I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a more comprehensive workout, bearing in mind that I've not worked upper body in any substantial way, in a long time. If anyone cares to share their advice, I'd be appreciative. If you have any questions or need mrore clarification, feel free to ask. Thanks in advance to everyone who responds.


If you have 2 days, something simple like a Push - Pull or Vertical - Horizontal day....

Chest-Rows Pullups/pulldowns - shoulders etc.. something like this.

Not my cup of tea, but it's a beginning.