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Upper Body Plyometrics


Hey Joe, I love your stuff, must've read your Q&A over twice at least. I have a question regarding plyos for upper body. I now realize that my reactive strength is not on par with my limit and explosive strengths. And by up to par, I mean my vertical is only 18 inches currently. But I have a 255 squat, 295 trap bar deadlift, and 170 BP, so I don't think it is base strength that is limiting me. I already do depth jumps (5 sets of 5) and box jumps(3x10) bi-weekly. I was wondering any additions I should add to lower body days, and what are your feelings on upper body plyometric stuff, like depth push-ups for example?Thank you so much.



how much do you weigh.......because i know im not him but unless you like 100lbs i dont think hes going to say that you have a good strength base....and hell tell you to work on that first with the ME, DE, REP, work days......