Upper Body Only Routine?

Im unable to train my lower body with weights for another 3-4 month as ive torn a muscle in my leg and damaged some knee ligaments through an injury at work some time ago.

However i want to add some decent upper body mass to my frame and go on a bulk, but i can’t find any routines and wouldn’t know where to start making a upper body only training programme.

Im thinking of basing a routine around upper body compounds like, pull ups, dips, bench press variations, rows, overhead presses, but set/rep schmes ans structure im unsure of.

could i simply do a bill starr routine or one of Chad Waterbury routines and simply take out the lower body work?

has anyone here ever succesfully made good upper body gains without leg training?

any suggestions?


Well I dont have any advice on your “upper body only” plan… although, I’ve heard/read that training your uninjured leg will have a carry over effect on your injured one. You could try incorporating one leg squats, one leg presses… etc.

good idea, i did the same these past few months…one example could be WS4SB with just the two upper body days. As far as sets/reps go just be sure use a variety. Good luck.

i can’t train either legs, ive injured both knees but have torn a muscle on 1 leg as well.

really annoyed

Nope … any routine will have to heavily modified. They are just too integrated with leg training. I use 3 days a week. Here are some suggestions to take legs out of the equation.

Day 1 - Primary Chest/Tri

  • Flat presses
  • Incline presses
  • Decline/presses or Dips
    Do whatever your injury comfortaby allows.
  • Tris recieve one good exercise such as skull crushers for 4 or 5 sets.

Day 2 Primary Back/Bi, Secondary shoulders

  • Pulldowns/Pullups
  • Rows - one arm cable,dumbell or Hammer Strenght rows. If you do seated one arm cable rows, you should be able to brace yourself with your other hand and take all pressure off your knee (not sure how tender it is). Also, one-arm cable rows are great for my shoulders.
  • Bis get one good exercise - 4 or 5 sets of Alt DB curls, BB curls or preacher curls.
  • Good day for pullovers too

Day 3 - Primary shoulder, Primary Bi, Primary Tri

To take the legs out of the shoulder workout:

  • seated DB presses
  • incline (face down) laterals - these remove a LOT of potential for cheating. Dont’ be surprised how little weight they require. Adjust the bench for medial or rear delt work.
  • front raises if neaded
  • seated upright rows may also be performed with DB
  • seated DB shrugs
  • Close grip BP or Dips for tris.
  • Maybe DB extensions or cable pulldowns if you feel the need for extra Tri work.

That lets you hit everything twice per week with basically a Primary and a Secondary day. Adjust as necessary.

[quote]BYF wrote:
i can’t train either legs, ive injured both knees but have torn a muscle on 1 leg as well.

really annoyed[/quote]

Sorry to hear.

thanks for the reply, especially 4est.

that looks a good plan

will have to give it a try